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On Nov 6th 2100 more pages of documents were released and there was a lot of interesting information that contradicts the defense’s latest claim that Caylee was placed in the woods after Casey was already incarcerated. The defense continually places themsleves in a position where they are going to find that they are backed into a corner. They are making too many claims that are easily disproven by science and their only responses are to question the science itself.

The reports contain many details about the decomposition found in the trunk. It appears as though they have “coffin flies” which are present when there is decomp. In the testing they are able to narrow down the timeline and have concluded that somewhere between June19 and June 22 is when the body was removed from the trunk. This now contradicts what the defense is claiming as to Caylee being placed in the woods in August.

The Gatorade bottle that had brown liquid and a syringe was tested and is positive for chloroform and testosterone. Now they cannot of course say it was Casey Anthony who was in posession of this bottle but I find it rather odd that chloroform was searched, traces were found in the trunk, and now it mysteriously appears at the site of where Caylee was found. Sure it is just speculation but if I were on the jury I would find that information very telling.

There were tests done on the knife found in Casey’s car and there was a sticky residue found but could not be concluded that it was from the duct tape. If I am correct didn’t Cindy state that she washed the knife and put it back in the silverware drawer? Wouldn’t this somehow destroy some of the properties?


There were also new photos released with this latest dump.The are not labeled and some are hard to figure out but they include: The plastic bag and syringe, The Gatorade Bottle, A picture from the video we have all seen of Caylee and Casey playing, Caylee’s doll, The Whitney Laundry Bag ( I believe this one is the one found at the house),On the 9th page of the photo gallery is what appears to be a sheet or blanket? I am not sure what this is but surmise that it is probably the match to an item found at the crime scene. The other pages are filled with images I assume are from the crime scene. If anyone has more information I would greatly appreciate it to know what I am looking at.


The only emotion I was filled with when looking at these pictures was sadness. The doll photograph really bothered me. I don’t know if it because all along the one thing that was said was that Caylee would never go anywhere without that doll. So, I felt like it was her one security and sadly in whatever horrific moments she endured, she was without it.

Jose Baez when asked what the evidence of chloroform being present does to his case answered: “It’s insignificant” he stated that the same amount of chloroform could be found in tap water so he does not have any worries about it. As usual he made a little slam saying “I’m sure it made a great headline, it was blown out of proportion.” Funny, when it is something that seems to have a huge impact ont he case he never finds it very important…


Lee Anthony’s girlfriend was deposed on Thursday and I will be very interested to see what that interview said. Lee Anthony arrived at the courthouse looking very busy on his phone texting. He never spoke just walked by with his smug as usual look.

There is a play that is supposed to be released in Austrailia by Steven Soderburgh called “Tot Mom”. By running the play in Austrailia the family will not have to be compensated at all. It is said on the website that all proceeds are being donated to The Center For Missing and Exploited Children and that he will make no profit from this production. It is to be done in a documntary form and include excerpts from Nancy Grace. I don’t know how I feel about t his, just as I did not know how I felt about the book being done. I guess I feel as though these things are being done too early? I still haven’t gotten the book so I am not sure, maybe it will be a good read.

It was reported that a fellow inmate stated that upon Casey Anthony hearing about the play she screamed “ARE YOU FING KIDDING ME? GET MY LAWYER NOW”  While I never really take anything from the National Enquirer as the bible I can almost see this as her reaction…


There are supposed to be more documents released this upcoming week. I am not sure what they are supposed to contain but I read that it is only 40 pages. Dominic Casey has again gotten his depostion postponed and it supposed to be in December.

Unfortunately I don’t feel like we are any closer to justice for Caylee, but I do at least feel that with each piece of evidence released the right person is sitting in jail…


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