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     There doesn’t seem to be a night that goes by without a child’s face being flashed on the screen with the words “Missing” under it. Yet this little girl was never missing, her mother knew right where she was. A mother is supposed to protect her children at all costs, yet Antionett Davis fed her child to the monsters. She willingly gave her child up into a prostitution ring. The words mother, child and prostitution should never be in the same sentence.

     Sadly, the girl had been living with her mother only a month. She had been raised by her father Bradley Lockhart who claims that Shania was the result of a one night stand and that Antionetter finally seemed to get her life in order and he allowed the little girl to go. He now cannot forgive himself. Shanias aunt Carrie Lockhart Davis says that she and Antionette never got along because the woman was so neglectful to her children. Carrie claims that she dropped Shania off at her mtohers 4 weeks ago for a visit and that is the last time she ever saw her.

     Mario Andrette McNeill is currently in custody after turning himself in to police. He was shown in a video surveillance tape carrying Shania at a hotel. He claims he is not guilty of kidnapping or murder. Frankly as sick as I think he is I agree that he cannot be charged with kidnapping if the mother sold her into prostituion. The childs father claims that Antionetter asked if she could be a mother again and he thought she was sincere. However, this child only went there four weeks ago, so was this her plan all along? How do you, not even as a mother, but as a human give a small innocent child up into something like this. Knowing the horrific things that will happen to her, knowing that she will be scared, traumatized and violated?

     Antionette is currently also pregnant with another child and has a 7 year old. This woman does not deserve children and does not deserve to share thename mother with any of us.

     The autopsy is currently under way to determine how this child died, yet I can only imagine what horrific moments she had to endure. This woman took a beautiful healty happy child away from her father under the premise that she wanted to be a mom to her and sadly the dad had a heart. For him giving so selflessly and trying to not think of himself but of his daughter having a relationship with her mother he now has lost the most important thing in the world to him.


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