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     It has been a long time since I have posted anything. I have been undergoing a lot of medical testing and that needed to take precedence over this. However, I have not stopped reading and following the case for a minute. The thing that makes me shake my head in disbelief still though is the fact that the defense is still asking for continuances, grasping at straws, and in true fashion, looking more in ept day by day.

     At some point someone has to say ” You know what? There are no volunteers who can truly say under oath that they did not see anything where Caylee’s body was found.” To this day I have not waivered in my belief of Tim  Miller stating that the search had to be called off because of water in the area and his concern for disrupting any evidence that could possibly be in the area. He could not have known at the time that Caylee’s body was there, he could not have known that the area in question would be the one last ditch attempt by the defense to prove Casey innocent. 

     These volunteers are all looking for their piece of the pie. Bottom line is this, they could very well have gone off on their own and searched the area, yet it was completely immersed in water at the time, so therefore, how can they say Caylee was not there? The one thing that doesn’t lie is science. The growth of vegetation through that poor baby’s body should be evidence enough. 

    I have never pretended to be a lawyer or affiliated in any way with the law. However, in reading the jail visit log, I am almost positive the defense is going to bring mental illness into the fore front of this case. Among the visitors at the jail there have been  three different psychologists. One is a psychologist  who specializes in therapy for sexually abused children ( Look out George, your princess is coming after you),  and one of the others spends her time assisting lawyers in pro bono cases.

     What I have yet to figure out is this: Is the strategy that Casey was in jail at the time of Caylee’s murder. or are we now going to try and put the mental illness on the table? I think Baez has been in over his head from day one and with every little motion, continuance, and statement he makes, it only further makes me believe that Casey is doomed…..


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     For over a year now the defense attorney for Casey Anthony has stood by her story of a Nanny taking Caylee. Through the arrests, searches, murder indictment and every ridiculous motion the one thing that remained unchanged was that Zenaida Fernadez Gonzales is who took Caylee Marie Anthony and that is who should pay for this crime. Unfortunately the Zenaida that was accused happened to be the wrong one and therefore the Anthonys and the defense have hired their own people to find her.

    In a new strategy it appears as though it is not a Nanny who took Caylee it is a meter reader. WHAT? According to a woman who volunteered for TES;  Joy Wray, she claims to have video footage that will prove that Caylees body was not in that area and that TES did in fact search that area. Based on this new information the defense has changed their strategy apparently. Roy Kronk is now being accused of killing Caylee and putting her in the woods. The defense is digging up all the dirt they can on Kronk and have even filed a motion implicating him in Caylees murder.

      Even though I have not been a huge fan of Leonard Padilla I have to admit that he called this one early on. Although he has repeatedly tried to speculate that there is a connection between Kronk and Casey Anthony, nothing has been proven. However, perhaps Leonard Padilla is respnsible for planting this new idea in theminds of the defense attorneys? In February Roy Kronks lawyer sent a letter to Padilla threatening to sue him as he was telling any media outlet who would listen that Roy Kronk was involved in this.

     I know the defense team hired someone to dig up anything they could on Roy Kronk and he succeeded. They have even found a connection to duct tape and Kronk. According to one of Kronks ex wives Jill Keerley: He had a saying about duct tape. This of course would make him the murderer! I often say things about duct tape while trying to get my husband to fix something. I say that if he doesnt fix it he is going to come home and I will duct tape it. So… does this mean I could have committed the crime?

     Now of course the defense has found that Kronk obviously is some sort of pedophile based on the words of an ex girlfriends daughter who claims that he sometimes walked in when she was putiing on her clothes. I am never one to dismiss the words of a child when it comes to a possible pedophile, however, if this is the only link to him possibly being attracted to little girls then they better dig deeper.

     Remember the saying: HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE THAT OF A WOMAN SCORNED?  Well who better to interview and destroy someones character than the ex? While we may not know the circumstances surrounding the break ups, what I would like to know is: Can you show me five people who were not romantically connected to Kronk that will say this is his character?

     The words spoken by his son stating that Kronk told him he was going to be on tv, while it bothers me that he could have possibly been looking for his fifteen minutes of fame just like the other cast of characters in this wild scenario, that doesn’t implicate him as a murderer.

     The defense lawyersagree that all of this latest supposed evidence is circumstantial, yet they claim he is just as much a suspect as Casey based on the evidence. I feel that once again this is nothing but a game and a way to place doubt in them inds of potential jurors. Roy Kronk has endured absolute hell by trying to do the right thing. I admit that at first when it came about I too speculated if he could be connected to this. However, if this case is teaching anything to the public about the decision to do the right thing, it is showing them that perhaps it is better to walk away and say nothing or you too will be drug through the media.

     This still leads me back to WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NANNY? Now that they are so sure that Kronk is involved are we supposed to forget that they are searching everyday for this supposed Nanny who is not the Nanny that they are currently being sued by yet the leads they have are solid and it will all come out at trial? If the defenses latest motions did anything to convince me of anything it would be that they are grasping now at anything possible. They backed themselves into a corner long ago with this entire Nanny scenario and now expect people to believe that they found the real killer? No, the real killer is now and has been sitting in Orange County Jail for over a year… Right where she should be.



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On Nov 6th 2100 more pages of documents were released and there was a lot of interesting information that contradicts the defense’s latest claim that Caylee was placed in the woods after Casey was already incarcerated. The defense continually places themsleves in a position where they are going to find that they are backed into a corner. They are making too many claims that are easily disproven by science and their only responses are to question the science itself.

The reports contain many details about the decomposition found in the trunk. It appears as though they have “coffin flies” which are present when there is decomp. In the testing they are able to narrow down the timeline and have concluded that somewhere between June19 and June 22 is when the body was removed from the trunk. This now contradicts what the defense is claiming as to Caylee being placed in the woods in August.

The Gatorade bottle that had brown liquid and a syringe was tested and is positive for chloroform and testosterone. Now they cannot of course say it was Casey Anthony who was in posession of this bottle but I find it rather odd that chloroform was searched, traces were found in the trunk, and now it mysteriously appears at the site of where Caylee was found. Sure it is just speculation but if I were on the jury I would find that information very telling.

There were tests done on the knife found in Casey’s car and there was a sticky residue found but could not be concluded that it was from the duct tape. If I am correct didn’t Cindy state that she washed the knife and put it back in the silverware drawer? Wouldn’t this somehow destroy some of the properties?


There were also new photos released with this latest dump.The are not labeled and some are hard to figure out but they include: The plastic bag and syringe, The Gatorade Bottle, A picture from the video we have all seen of Caylee and Casey playing, Caylee’s doll, The Whitney Laundry Bag ( I believe this one is the one found at the house),On the 9th page of the photo gallery is what appears to be a sheet or blanket? I am not sure what this is but surmise that it is probably the match to an item found at the crime scene. The other pages are filled with images I assume are from the crime scene. If anyone has more information I would greatly appreciate it to know what I am looking at.


The only emotion I was filled with when looking at these pictures was sadness. The doll photograph really bothered me. I don’t know if it because all along the one thing that was said was that Caylee would never go anywhere without that doll. So, I felt like it was her one security and sadly in whatever horrific moments she endured, she was without it.

Jose Baez when asked what the evidence of chloroform being present does to his case answered: “It’s insignificant” he stated that the same amount of chloroform could be found in tap water so he does not have any worries about it. As usual he made a little slam saying “I’m sure it made a great headline, it was blown out of proportion.” Funny, when it is something that seems to have a huge impact ont he case he never finds it very important…


Lee Anthony’s girlfriend was deposed on Thursday and I will be very interested to see what that interview said. Lee Anthony arrived at the courthouse looking very busy on his phone texting. He never spoke just walked by with his smug as usual look.

There is a play that is supposed to be released in Austrailia by Steven Soderburgh called “Tot Mom”. By running the play in Austrailia the family will not have to be compensated at all. It is said on the website that all proceeds are being donated to The Center For Missing and Exploited Children and that he will make no profit from this production. It is to be done in a documntary form and include excerpts from Nancy Grace. I don’t know how I feel about t his, just as I did not know how I felt about the book being done. I guess I feel as though these things are being done too early? I still haven’t gotten the book so I am not sure, maybe it will be a good read.

It was reported that a fellow inmate stated that upon Casey Anthony hearing about the play she screamed “ARE YOU FING KIDDING ME? GET MY LAWYER NOW”  While I never really take anything from the National Enquirer as the bible I can almost see this as her reaction…


There are supposed to be more documents released this upcoming week. I am not sure what they are supposed to contain but I read that it is only 40 pages. Dominic Casey has again gotten his depostion postponed and it supposed to be in December.

Unfortunately I don’t feel like we are any closer to justice for Caylee, but I do at least feel that with each piece of evidence released the right person is sitting in jail…


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     Brad Conway, the attorney for George and Cindy Anthony sat down with reporters to give a press conference based on what has recently been released by the Sate.


I guess my first thought on this would be: WHY? Brad Conway is the attorney for the parents , not for Casey Anthony. Why is he sitting down and disecting the documents one by one? If he is in fact only representing the Anthony Grandparents, he has no business going on tv to discredit or give credit to anyone involved in the criminal trial. The Anthony’s continue to cry out that their daughter is already prosecuted and the case is being tried in the media. Yet, isn’t that what the are doing? AGAIN? Jose Baez of course cannot go on and give a press conference as he continues to accuse the State of leaks, yet if he instructs Conway to do the press conference then I guess it is okay?

* One of the most telling statements had nothing to do at all with the documents but one that I find amusing. Brad Conway was commenting onthe attorneys involved in this case and stated: (slightly out of context) “THE STATES ATTORNEY’S OFFICE HAS EXCELLENT ATTORNEYS, AND THE DEFENSE TEAM HAS (PAUSE) A A VERY  GOOD TEAM. ” hmm does Conway even question their ability?

     There were some moments during the video that caught my attention. When asked about the claim that Brad Conaway has made regarding a foreign hair that could not be identified from the car he adamantly stated that yes there was a hair that was not identified as Caylee or Caseys. Now my understanding of that report was that it was identified but not enough to say which one it was. When pressed further about this Conway backed off, saying he didn’t have the paper so he couldn’t comment on it.

     Of course the duct tape issue came up and he is stating that the reports are saying they are not alike at all when the earlier report  said they were. According to Bill Schaeffer, the duct tape that was found on Caylee would have broken down in the elements and therefore the argument that they are not the same is mute.

     A reporter asked Conway about the emails exchanged between Cindy and Dominic in which it appears that she is trying desperately to dig up dirt on Kronk. The reporter asked if she was emnarrassed that those documents were released. He gave an answer of when there is an active investigation going on you investigate everyone. Not really a good answer but I didn’t really expect them to say that yes Cindy was so embarrassed that these are out. Another interesting little piece of info was that the search continues for Zenaida Gonzales in Puerto Rico, and that when an reporter asked if they are interfering with the State or proper authorities investigation, Conway answered that he didn’t know if they are investigating anything.

There are good questions raised all throughout the press conference and although I am sure this was done to put speculation in peoples minds, I feel no different than I did before this. ISNT THIS POTENTIAL JURY TAINTING?

     Bill Schaeffer commented on the Anthony’s claims that the new document does nothing.http://www.wftv.com/video/21160739/index.html


     As it has come to be expected the Defense Team files new motions today. The first one being to Toss the Capital Murder Charge against Casey along with the aggrivated child abuse charge.  In doing so it would also toss the death penalty. In the motion the defense claims that there is no evidence that Caylee was harmed in any way: SHES DEAD, YES THERE IS, AND I FOR ONE DO NOT BELIEVE THE DEFENSE HAS SHOWN THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.  They also claim that she was proven to be a good and caring mother: LET’S REFER BACK TO THE COMPUTER MAN AND HIS ACCOUNT, THAT IS JUST ONE PERSON…


     The second motion is of course one to preclude the death penalty. In the reasons cited the defense claims that the prosecution harbors bad faith motives against the defendant. ( AGAIN EVERYONE IS OUT TO PIN THIS ON CASEY RIGHT) They also cite that the prosecution does not have enough to  have a Capital Murder charge.

     The fourth reason given states that the prosecution cannot prove that Miss Anthony committed capital murder because the defendant stood in a familial or custodial authority over the victim. ( OH I THINK THEY CAN…)

    The defense also claims that even if they are able to prove that Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering Caylee they cannot impose the death penalty because they cannot say “how” she died . ( WELL I GUESS IF CASEY WOULD HAVE BEEN STRAIGHT FORWARD AND SHE COULD HAVE BEEN FOUND EARLIER THEN IT COULD BE PROVEN BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT THAT CASEY DIDN’T DO IT)


     Did I miss something after the last motion was filed? Did the judge rule on the motion to dismiss all charges against her? If not then why are they filing these motions without the other being heard? I am not sure so if you have any information on that I would greatly appreciate it.


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 It’s been a few weeks since I have been able to post as my computer went down. As usual in the Casey Anthony case a few weeks makes a big difference. They have been busy filing many motions as usual and while I know they have a job to do, and I try my hardest to have an open mind, I can’t help but think they are grasping with every motion they file. Perhaps it is because I believe Baez is too inexperienced and lacks the professionalism to go up against the State in a case of this magnitude. Maybe it is because I have a hard time giving Casey Anthony the benefit of the doubt even though our justice system says we have to. Or quite possibly it is because I want to see justice for a little girl who was unable to defend herself and who will never know the wonder and amazement of this thing called life…

      The defense team for Casey Anthony is busy as usual filing motions. This one is the best yet IMO. It appears as though the defense feels that they have grounds to ask that the case be dismissed due to the lawyers and their experts not being able to examine the crime scene prior to the investigators and Crime Scene Experts removing evidence.

“The motion asserts that the state tampered with Caylee’s remains and the wooded area where she was found, before the defense could bring in its own experts.” ( Examiner)

     Now as I have stated many times before I am not a legal expert nor do I have any background in law. Here is what I do have: COMMON SENSE… I cannot imagine that Strickland will even entertain granting this  motion  as there are some pretty important points that possibly the defense hasn’t thought of:

  •  Though it was collectively agreed upon that yes the remains were those of Caylee Anthony, they had yet to be positively identified through DNA. Therefore, the defense had no right whatsoever to be invited into that crime scene. What if by some slim chance it wasn’t Caylee?
  • How exactly were the CSI experts supposed to examine the evidence without disturbing the topsoil and vegetation?
  • The defense feels that they knew the remains were Caylee’s due to them seeking the search warrant at the Anthony home. Well perhaps even without identification the fact that her mother wrapped her in her own blanket and that blanket happened to match the set at the Anthony home in a prior search that was enough for the warrant?

     In the motion the defense basically calls the State liars and says that they misrepresented to the court that the remains were unknown when they were already aware of the identification. They state that without being able to examine the crime scene prior to sifting through it Miss Anthony was unable to gather evidence… Well I would say that this is whining. I am in awe as to how the defense believes that they had any grounds to go in and search. Or perhaps if I take their wording literally Miss Anthony should have been allowed to go into the crime scene and gather evidence herself? (jk)

     Is it the States fault that they were unable to release the crime scene and that it took longer to process than first expected? NO IT IS CASEY ANTHONY’S FAULT THAT IT TOOK SO LONG.  Perhaps, (let’s just say for grins) Miss Anthony should have thought this entire scenario through before dumping her body there. Perhaps she should have realized that there are animals in the woods that maybe would have found this bag? Or perhaps that is what she was counting on and that didn’t go so well for her.

     From the day Casey Anthony was arrested, her lawyer and parents have argued that she is being victimized by the OCSD. This is really a childish excuse. The OCSD has more to do than look for innocent citizens to pin crimes on. Quite possibly they became tired of Casey Anthony’s antics and are skilled enough in homocide to know when someone is lying. Perhaps they weren’t swayed by Casey batting her eyes, laughing and thinking she’s a star… What if they really are police men and women who are seeking justice for a baby that couldn’t defend herself against this monster, that had her poor little body dumped like garbage, that had to be put back together like a puzzle just to give her a name. Casey Anthony is not now nor has she ever been a victim, Caylee is the victim and although the defense has a job to do, as far as I am concerned the States job is much more important…

Here is a link to read the entire motion to dismiss all charges against Casey Anthony: http://www.examiner.com/x-1168-Crime-Examiner~y2009m9d18-Read-defense-motion-requesting-dismissal-of-murder-charges-against-Casey-Anthony

    A motion to change venue was filed. I am not from Florida so therefore I have no idea where the places mentioned are in proximity to Orlando. However, I am interested to know how many people there are in Florida that have never heard of this case? I live in Michigan and am a hairstylist. I come across many people in one weeks time, and there is not one here who hasn’t heard of Casey Anthony. Marinade Dave is better equipped to answer these questions as he knows Florida in and out. A few of the reasons the defense gives for requesting the change of venue caught my eye and as usual provoked thoughts…

  • “Members of the Orlando community have a strong sense of personal attachment to this case, as envinced by the thousands of people who participated in searches, attended her memorial service and otherwise expressed special concern for the child.
  • The Orlando community is hostile to Miss Anthony. Scores of protesters have demonstrated against Miss Anthony and her family , and online comments and media reports indicate the community believes Miss Anthony desrves to be executed.
  • Internet publications have been particularly inflammatory in this case. Internet publications often fail to adhere to journalism ethics and standards.  

Now to me it appears that the defense is basing most of their argument on the media and internet coverage. Last time I checked the internet is world wide and therefore by stating that the internet publications show that she cannot get a fair trial is to say that she cannot get a fair trial anywhere… I agree so let’s squash that motion! 🙂

     The Orlando community is not the only community hostile towards Casey Anthony. I would like the defense to know that at least in Michigan we are hostile towards Miss Anthony also… AND yes they do believe that she should be executed, as do thousands of other communities.

Here is a link to read the entire motion: http://wwww.examiner.com/x-1168-Crime-Examiner~y2009m9d18-Casey-Anthony-case-Read-defenses-motion-for-change-of-venue

     The next motion is one in which the defense is asking that all visits between Casey Anthony and her attorney not be subject to video taping. This is a normal practice in the jail and does not include audio. So, why is Jose Baez requesting special treatment? What is he worried about? Perhaps he is doing something wrong during these visits, like allowing Casey to use the laptop to maybe connect with her family? Or maybe she is reading all the stories posted about her online and feeding her ego of being a celebrity? I guess I don’t understand why if there is no audio there is a problem? Here is the link to the motion: http://www.examiner.com/x-1168-Crime-Examiner~y2009m9d18-Read-defense-motion-asking-court-to-bar-jail-from-taping-attorney-visits-with-Casey-Anthony

   The next motion filed is one in where the defense is asking that all videotapes of visits between Casey and her family be destroyed. Apparently her mental health is at stake and she is unable to have the comfort of support from her family that she needs because the videos are released to the media. CITIZENKIM WAS NAMED IN THE MOTION! WHOO HOO WAY TO GO! I KNEW THEY READ THE BLOGS!

I am not sure what I think about this, I am not sure who has the authority here as I don’t know what the protocol is for keeping these tapes. Here is the link: http://www.examiner.com/x-1168-Crime-Examiner~y2009m9d18-Casey-Anthony-case-Read-defense-motion-directing-jail-to-destroy-videos-of-family-visits

    I don’t know how Strickland will rule on these motions but I hope that the dismissal motion will be the one that he gives a reprimand for. It is full of nothing but accusations from the defense. I hope at somepoint Strickland grows tired of hearing all of this from the defense and tells them to stop wasting the courts time.

     Casey Anthony will have to prove her innocence and I am not sure that she will be able to do that. It isn’t about the media trying the case, it is about Casey Anthony’s decision to rid herself of her responsibilities and not thinking any further than the moment. While I don’t believe that her parents are conciously trying to hide anything, I think they are still so desperate to believe that the child that they brought into this world could not be capable of this crime and therefore they react poorly to situations.

     Whatever the outcome of this case, whether be that Casey Anthony is put to death or walks free, it doesn’t change the fact that Caylee Anthony was murdered and disposed of in a cruel and horrible manner. That is what Casey ANthony will be faced with on her judgement day…

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     It was said that a new motion was filed prior to the hearing for Casey Anthony on August 21st. Surprised? No… I would be surprised if we went a month without something being filed. This motion is 91 pages and is asking for lab testing, data, and in bold print is basically tattling.

     In a hearing five months ago when Linda Kenny Baden asked for the documents I seem to remember the state saying that all they had to do was request the documents from the FBI. She countered that saying that it has never been done that way and that the State is in posession of these and should turn them over. The motion states:

“Although this original motion was heard nearly five months ago, the State has failed to turn over even one piece of discovery from the FBI and many other experts.The State has failed to turn over items as simple as various witness’ cirriculum vitae.”

     Most of what is being asked for is discovery that we the public have already seen. The tests done on the car, air, chloroform, human decomposition, hair samples, squirrel, carpet, and so on. They are challenging the validity of Oak Science, who performed the various tests stating that they are not a crime lab, but a research lab. (I guess this is where Baez’ junk science statement comes into play)

     Perhaps I should email Mr. Baez and give him the copies we on wordpress have. It seems to me that to take up another day in court with information already released is stupid. It is yet another delay in the case. Obviously these documents have been available, yet Mr. Baez seems to think that they should be hand delivered to him by the prosecution…

Here is a link to the motion: 



     Following the hearing on Friday in which we saw for the first time Casey Anthony showing some “real” emotion, Cindy Anthony spoke to reporters outside the courthouse. Now before I comment I will say that no matter what her demeanor to the reporters, it will be analyzed and critiqued. I am not going to comment on her hair, outfit or anything else. What I am commenting on is her demeanor.

     She seemed to be so composed, almost happy. She spoke of seeing her daughter as though she just visited her at college. She spoke of the emoitonal exchange between Casey and George and spoke of it as if she were an outsider looking in on this exchange. To me Cindy did not act as a mother who has not seen her child for months, whose child is facing death for killing her grand daughter, whose child is locked in solitary confinement 23 hours a day. She seemed like a mother who just saw her daughter yesterday.

     Perhaps she has been told to stay composed when in court seeing Casey, yet as a mom I cannot imagine having nothing but smiles after not seeing my child for months, let alone seeing them led into the court room in hand cuffs. Now I know had she welled up with tears or broke down she would be criticized for that, yet I wonder if she acts this way because she is able to communicate with Casey through Baez? Furthermore, could it be possible that the Anthony’s are able to visit Casey but perhaps it is at times the media would not be following them? I do not know how the jail visitation works but would they allow them to come only at specific hours or could they request coming in the middle of the night? I know that the jail tapes everything, but would they have to release those ?Just thinking aloud…

Here is a link to Cindy’s Statement: http://www.wftv.com/video/20494191/



     Jose Baez spoke briefly after the hearing stating that he had to get Ms. Lyons to the airpot or he would be in trouble. He stated that he would be speaking for the team, which I am not sure is always a good idea.

     Jose Baez stated that he was not going to say anything about the case as he will try the case in the court room not in the media. However, he did give some information regarding Tim Miller: He stated that it isn’t up to anyone to decide  what is relevant, they will decide what is relevant. He also stated that Tim Miller says the area was unable to be searched in November due to water, yet points out that Dominic Casey has video in November where it is dry… (Hmmm….raising reasonable doubt for potential jurors?) When asked about why he was so worried about Leonard Padilla he stated that it is only to cover all bases and protect Casey Anthony as she is innocent. He called the group a ” cast of characters”

     I did find it amusing that he defended himself saying he will only file motions that are necessary….

Here is a link to the video:  http://www.wftv.com/video/20494191/index.html

     One thing I am certain of in this case: It will not be a quick court proceeding and furthermore, IMO I think it will be delayed much further than 2010…


     Ryan Jenkins who has been the subject of a man hunt from the US to Canada as a result of his wife/girlfriend being found in a dumpster mutilated, was found last night hanging from a bar in the closet of the hotel room by a belt.

     Ryan Jenkins and a mysterious woman checked into the Thunderbird Hotel in the town of Hope, famous for where the first Rambo movie was filmed. Adam Curt who is a motel employee and the nephew of the owner stated that Jenkins and the woman arrived Thursday in a PT Cruiser and he stayed in the car while she checked them in. She paid cash for three nights. He stated that she is a woman in her early 20’s who is naturally pretty. Although neither hotel employee saw the woman leave, a tenant in the room next to theirs says she was only at the hotel about 20 minutes.

     Unfortunately for Jasmine Fiore’s family, while his death makes him unable to hurt another woman, it must also enrage them to know that he will never have to face charges for what he did to this beautiful woman.

     On August 13th Jenkins and Fiore checked into a hotel room in San Diego, Jenkins checked out the next day and Fiore was never seen alive again. VH1 who hosts the reality show “Megan Wants” said that they had no knowledge of the prior record he had resulting from assaulting Fiore. He was serving 15months probation for the charge.

     It was said that he has a worth of over 2million dollars. I am sure whoever the woman was that took him to the hotel was paid generously, however, being the only one left involving this case, authorities are currently searching for her. Whether she was a friend or stranger who was hired, I think in the end she will regret her decision to help this monster…

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     I just finished reading through 358 pages of new discovery documents released, and I hope Jose Baez has more up his sleeve than: ” My client is innocent” Nothing in the latest documents gave any sign that Casey Anthony was a distraught mother looking for her child. What it did confirm is that she was a liar over and over and over. Amy H.’s text messages showed her absolute heartbreak and overwhelming concern for Cayleee once she realized this person she thought was such a great friend was a cold and callous person. I believe it was Tony’s text if I am not mistaken that showed he could not even fathom who this person was and how she could do this. What I saw as a group of people who when notified that this little girl was gone rallied for her. It didn’t matter what her mother had done to them, they were willing to band together and put all their effort into finding her.

     The cell phone records and timeline for cell phone usage were pretty interesting. Did the Anthony’s know that Casey was in their house almost everyday with the exception of two days? The cell phone pings were so precise, and they were able to pinpoint exactly where she was during each hour of the day. Over on Marinade Daves blog there has been much controversy as to what day people think Caylee was killed. I think reading the times and locations of the cellphone use will open that discussion way up again… ( Good luck Dave!)

There are photos, a 3d “fly by” of the area where Caylee’s remains were found, subpeonas for cell phone records and for cell phone numbers that they either were not able to identify or were trying to identify as Zenaida Gonzales. There are maps of the cell phone areas where Casey was, wire taps for The Anthony’s cell phones, home phone, and friends cell phones.

The release today also stated that there was no blood evidence found in Casey Anthony’s car. While she may sit back and think she can breathe a sigh of relief, SHE CAN”T! There was still human decomposition and just because it was homocide does not mean there was blood.

     When I read through the text messages of her friends they were like any normal friend text messages. Where they were going, what they were doing and so on. Yet when I read all the ones from Casey even from the beginning of her talking to Amy, I see a girl who is almost leech like. She texts numerous times a day from the beginning as if the first thing she does in the morning when she wakes up is think of what her friends are doing. Now if you are fifteen that’s fine, but when you are a mother you should be entirely too busy in the morning to wonder about your friends right away. She spun lies right from the get, always seeming to promise to do something and then falling through. Using Caylee as an excuse for not going to look at a phony house she was sure they were moving into. At one point you can see Amy almost be hesitant and say that she just wants to be sure that this is for real because she needs to move. She of course was lured back in by another tragedy happening to Casey that made her unable to keep her appointment… If you have ever had a friend like this, and I have, you know how easy it seems to be for them to spin these lies in hindsight. Yet while it is happening you can’t think that because they are so convincing, they come up with things too quickly and they never get caught. When my girlfriends and I talk now about this particular friend we had, we are amazed at ourselves that we never saw it. That she was able to juggle all these lies and never once did we catch on…

      Bill Schaeffer said on an interview that he will be surprised if half of this evidence will even be used in trial. I wonder is that because they won’t need it, or because it isn’t important? I being a citizen would want every piece of evidence shown to me possible if I was a juror deciding someone’s life. The lives that have been scarred by the act of a selfish and spoiled woman are too many to count, and the life that was taken by this same woman is worth more than the death penalty. While I believe that sitting in jail is a luxury for Casey Anthony, I also believe that death is too easy for her. So, I don’t know what the answer is to give Caylee the justice she deserves, but I know that  the justice can’t come fast enough.

     Here are the links to the documents:

PART ONE : This contains the 358 pages of subpeonas, Amy’s text messages, Anthony Lazarros wire tap on his cell, Cell phone pings, Maps for cell phones, and the explanation of where Casey Anthony was according to these pings.


PART TWO:   This section contains evidence photos from the site: While I believe I have seen some of these before there were many I had not.


PART THREE:  This is the computer generated video of the area where the remains were found.



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