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As the killer looked into her face, maybe her killer even saw her eyes  as the tape was applied,” prosecutor Jeff Aston said during the hearing, which ended at 11:45 a.m. “First one piece, then two, then three so no breath was possible.Could Caylee have understood what was happening to her? Did she try to resist? Could her killer see the fear in her eyes as the tape was applied? These are questions only the jurors will be able to answer in this case. One thing we do know this is this. If we have gotten to this stage, those same jurors have already decided that the face that Caylee Anthony saw in those final moments of her mother — of her life was her mother`s face. “

Casey Anthony crying in court on December 11, 2009.                                                    Casey Anthony crying in court on December 11, 2009.                                           Casey Anthony at a court hearing on October 16, 2009.                                 


Those were the chilling words that brought Casey Anthony to tears. Or did they? What I saw was seething anger as Jeff Ashton described what could have been Caylees last moments on this earth. There were no tears until Casey’s attorney whispered something to her. Then the tears (or the show) began. However if you watched closely there was body movement similar to one sobbing, there was wiping of the eyes, yet there also was Casey looking at the tissue with every dab of her eyes.

I don’t buy the sudden breakdown of Casey. Baez accused the prosecution of playing to the cameras, yet I believe that is exactly what Casey was instructed to do in that whispered moment. She was her usual disconnected self until the whisper and then had the break down.Andrea Lyons own words keep coming back to me: HUMANIZE YOUR CLIENT…  Casey is also heard saying ” Tell him to stop” with Lyons respondng “I cant, he’s almost done”. I am sure she wanted it to stop, but then I am sure she never thought she would be here. According to Richard Hornsby when asked about the comment made by Baez he responded: “Jeff Ashton was saying we don’t have anything to hide. Come and get us,”

Andrea Lyons argued that the state has no grounds to seek the death penalty and that they are doing so in an effort to obtain a more biased jury. Yet Ashton pointed out that any case in the state of Florida in which the defendant is charged with first degree murder is eligible for the death penalty. He went on to say that it is not the state who decides if the defendant will be sentenced to death but a jury and ultimately a judge. Lyons went on to argue that there is no evidence that the duct tape had anything to do with the childs murder. Really? Well I guess in all honesty can we say Caylees murder was a result of duct tape? No, but the fact that there was not one, not two but three pieces of duct tape applied to this baby’s mouth and nose shows that whoever (imo Casey) wanted to make sure that it would be impossible for the tape to be removed.  Now a while back I speculated that perhaps the tape was applied after her death in order to make it look like the child was kidnapped, but either way it is there, it is cruel and it only points to one person.

I was wondering when the words of Andrea Lyons would come back to haunt her and they did today as Ashton described what was said in her own words regarding her thoughts on a jury and judge. She did not of course defend this but how could she?  

While the motion was of course not ruled on, I do believe the state will win this one. The defense continues to try and make it as though there is a personal vendetta against Casey Anthony and should spend more time figuring out how in fact they are going to get her out of this one. With each motion filed and each hearing they attend, they look like a bunch of bumbling idiots and not the schooled lawyers I would expect to see.

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VIDEOS OF HEARING 12/11/2009:    http://www.wftv.com/video/21930011/index.html


VIDEO OF CASEY CRYING IN COURT:  http://www.wftv.com/video/21930011/index.html

George and Cindy Anthony were seen leaving the court room after the description given by Ashton and  according to their attorney Brad Conway they were in shock and did not expect to hear this. Have they waivered a little in their thinking though? Brad Conways statement to an  In Session reporter said alot to me:

VINNIE POLITAN, “IN SESSION”: As we sit here today, are they convinced that their daughter is not responsible for this?

BRAD CONWAY, ATTORNEY FOR GEORGE AND CINDY ANTHONY: You know, honestly, they don`t know. There are so many questions that they wanted answers to for the longest time, and they don`t know what happened. They simply don`t know.

I am sure it was not easy to sit and listen to a scenario of how their grand daughter was possibly  killed. There are other blogs that are ripping Cindy apart for being dramatic as she leaned against the wall waiting for the elevator. I didn’t see that at all. I saw her trying to escape the cameras and trying to hold it all in so as not to break down in front of them and be all over the 6oclock news. People commented on how haggard she looks. Frankly, that is just hateful and bashing her for no other reason than to bash her. So I ask you? Would you look haggard if this had been your life for the last year and a half? As I have stated I think they did alot of things wrong throuh out this entire case yet again, walk the mile and then talk to me. They had to hear some pretty awful things about their grand daughter and the daughter who is accused of murdering her.  However, we are only in the pre trial phases and I think there will be much more gruesome accounts, speculations and facts that are going to be addressed once the trial starts. Unfortunately and quite possibly fortunately I think the Anthony’s are going to have to realize that perhaps their daughter is not the person they thought she was. It will be a harsh reality and one that may take quite a toll on them. That is unless of course they continue to deny that she is incapable of doing this crime. As I continue to state I have never walked their mile and maybe they truly cannot begin to fathom any part of this horrific crime could have been committed by their own daughter. Maybe to have to realize this is something that could cause them severe mental  anguish and so it is better to continue believing in her.

VIDEO OF GEORGE AND CINDY LEAVING COURT: http://www.wftv.com/video/21930011/index.html

Jose Baez gave a short press conference after court, and was his usual self. He bit at Kathy Belich as usual and showed his complete dislike for her. At one point he told her she was living in fairyland.

How difficult it was on your client to have to sit there and listen to — how difficult was it for your client to listen to that being portrayed? Played out?

JOSE BAEZ, ATTORNEY FOR CASEY ANTHONY: It`s extremely difficult, and it would be difficult for anybody, whether it`s your child or even — even a stranger`s child. Everyone knows that the death of a child is obviously a horrible thing, and it would be difficult for anybody to listen to.

BELICH: Even if she was there when it happened?

BAEZ: I`m sorry. She wasn`t there, so you`re — again, I guess in fairyland.

He refused to answer questions about Andrea Lyons leaked video that has shown her in a very different light. Claiming that she is superior and a genious and that the other court officers are basically beneath her. Jose Baez walked off refusing to answer the question and in true Kathy fashion she didn’t let up and continued to follow them. At one point Andrea Lyons apparently elbowed her and she made reference to it on camera.

VIDEO OF BAEZ AFTER COURT: http://www.wftv.com/video/21930011/index.html

Jane Velez Mitchell covered the hearing and the aftermath surrounding it. Dr. Dale Archer is a psychiatrist that has no affiliation with Casey Anthony, yet had this to say regarding her sobbing in court.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Dr. Dale Archer, you`re the psychiatrist. Casey Anthony has made many, many court appearances. Why burst into hysterical sobs and shudders at this hearing?

DR. DALE ARCHER, PSYCHIATRIST: Well, first of all, we`re looking at an anniversary reaction, because it was one year ago today, and oftentimes an anniversary can bring the emotions back very fresh.

But to me, from looking at this, I think this is a case of a guilty conscious, I really do. And I think it is hitting home to her right now what has happened and what she has done, and is just — she is just distraught about that.

I think that this was one of the more emotional hearings thus far as it brought more than evidence. Today the court was actually introduced to Caylee Anthony, the little 2 year old girl who is what this trial is supposed to be about. Ashtons words were chilling and if you didn’t get emotional listening to them then you are stronger than I am. For over a year now we have wanted Caylee to be the focus of this trial and with all the evidence, reports,testimony and so on, not once did I feel like Caylee was being brought front and center. Until today…


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