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What Were The Jurors Thinking?

     I have looked at the evidence with an open mind. I have listened to each witness testify. I have read every document released to the public. I didn’t think of the rumors or supposed facts that have not been proven. When the jury received their instructions I thought it would be days before they would announce that they had reached a verdict. When they came back after 11 hours of deliberation, with no questions for the judge, and without requesting to see any of the evidence, I was sure like most of America that the verdict was guilty. After the Not Guilty verdict on the first count I thought surely the other two counts had to be Guilty.

Casey Anthony will walk out of jail with a mere slap on the wrist. She lied to law enforcement. I still cannot believe that this is the best the jury could do. Without allowing anything I have previously read and written about to come into my mind, I still cannot put myself in that deliberation room and even lean toward not guilty.

When one juror began to give interviews I was shaking my head. He wasn’t even in deliberations yet was the first to speak. I found that quite amusing as he was being asked what his vote would have been. They may as well have asked me. Then juror #3 came out and again I am shaking my head. ” We don’t think she is innocent” What does that mean?  Now a few more have come forward and each has offered a little more insight into what went on in that room.

  • The initial vote was 6-6
  • While they do not believe she is innocent they do not think she acted alone.
  • Without reviewing weeks and weeks of testimony they were able to come together and collectively decide that the evidence just didn’t show that Casey Anthony killed her daughter
  • The jury foreman was sick to his stomach signing the papers for the verdict because he didn’t believe she was innocent and he didn’t want his signature on the paper with hers.
  • The notebooks provided to them during the trial to jot down notes to refer to during deliberation were left on their chairs when deliberations began
  • The second day of deliberations the entire jury came in dressed in suits and dresses. This tells me eleven hours wasn’t even necessary as they seemed to know that they would be ready to give their verdict that day.

     While I know our justice system is the greatest system, I am saddened that these 12 jurors seemed more concerned with getting back to their lives than achieving justice for Caylee. When jury selection was going on each potential juror was aware that they would be sequestered for a time frame of approximately two months. At that time they had the opportunity to let the judge know if it would create a hardship, or if it was something they could not do.

I am sure in the beginning they were intrigued to be called for this case. No matter how many of them stated that they knew nothing of this case, if you use a computer, read a newspaper or engage in conversation at work or in public, I would find it hard to believe that the names Casey Anthony or Caylee Anthony are names they never heard. One juror admitted that his wife followed the case in it’s entirety. With that statement I cannot believe that this man never heard anything about this case. Whether my husband wanted to hear it or not ( Most times not) he heard a lot about Casey, Caylee, George, Cindy, and Lee. Another juror stated that she could never pass judgement on another. When the prosecution tried to have her removed the judge refused. I don’t understand this as this to me screams “I don’t care what she did, I will never find that she is guilty.

In the aftermath of the verdict one juror has left her job stating that she was harassed constantly. Yet last night when being interviewed she stated that ” she is a scrappy girl and has no fear”

What I find amusing I guess is the fact that these jurors do not have to give their names, or talk to the media at all. The judge refused to reveal their names and  they were told that they have no obligation to reveal themselves. Yet one by one they are revealing themselves to the media. This to me seems like they are looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

What Lies Ahead for Casey Anthony?

     She has been found not guilty. She is free to walk away on Sunday. She can never be tried again for the murder of her daughter. She, according to the letter of the law is an everyday citizen like any of us. BUT:


     Anyone who has followed this case knows that Casey never got tired of being in the media. Whether it was coming to and from the lawyers office with her big sunglasses, looking out the window of her home counting the media trucks or standing next to her lawyer tearing up when he described how hard this has been on her. Although she has been advised by her attorney and his team to not give interviews or consider any deals, I feel that the temptation of the money along with the fame is one Casey will not be able to resist for long.


     The Anthony’s have been many things to the public over the course of the last three years. At times we saw them as grieving grandparents, protective parents, and other times we saw them as two people who were intentionally obstructing the investigation. We saw them blatantly lie, scream to anyone who would listen that their daughter could not and would not do this to their grand daughter. They were combative at times, and yet in the end we saw them broken.

George and I spoke through email very briefly in the beginning and he was very likeable. He was a grandpa in every sense of the word. He was a cop who wanted to know what happened to his grand daughter. He was a father who didn’t want to believe his daughter could be responsible for something so horrifying and evil. I saw him as the only one in the family who was not making excuses, who wanted to find out the truth, and who wasn’t so sure of his daughters innocence. Then one day there he was standing next to Cindy who wasn’t so well liked by the public because it seemed she was doing anything possible to protect Casey. He was echoing all the things Cindy said and I sat in awe thinking what happened to him? Cindy was not well received by the public as she had no problem making excuses for Casey. It at times seemed like she knew what happened possibly and was covering for Casey. She contradicted herself many times and became very combative with the media, the public, law enforcement and anyone else who didn’t believe in Casey’s innocence. Lee in the beginning seemed to be the one who wanted answers. He didn’t coddle Casey as the rest of the family did, didn’t care if her feelings were hurt and for a moment I thought he would be the one who wouldn’t stop until he found Caylee. Then he disappeared. He no longer gave sound bytes to the media, and no longer was anywhere to be seen. The behavior of the entire family seemed so odd. It was hard to figure out who the players were at times. Then the trial began…

     Anyone with a heart felt for Cindy Anthony on that stand. She was truly broken. She at times could not hold it together when being questioned by the prosecution. When she was questioned by the defense and changed her story, I didn’t get angry. I saw a mother doing anything she can to save her daughters life.

When George Anthony was called to the stand initially and had to answer if he had molested his daughter, it was plain to see the pain and sadness he was going through. Here he was a man who lost his grand daughter and now the daughter he raised and was seemingly the one who wouldn’t put up with her bs, was accusing him of the worst thing a father could do to his child.  At first I was shocked that the Anthony’s could sit expressionless in the court room listening to Jose Baez accuse George of not only molesting his daughter but of being a part of the murder of his grand daughter. Then I realized that they were aware of the accusations for six weeks. What he must be going through I have no idea but how do you heal from that? How do you in the back of your mind know your daughter was willing to let you take the blame for the death of your grand daughter and excuse that behavior?

I cannot imagine the Anthony’s will open their door to their daughter the day she leaves jail. I cannot imagine that the attorney’s would allow it anyway. There is no perfect place for Casey Anthony to go but that house on Hopespring Drive is not a place that I think she should go near for a long time. Both for her safety and the safety of her parents.

I have tried to put myself in their position as far as having a child accuse you of terrible things not caring if you wound up convicted. I cannot imagine my child doing that and cannot imagine that if it was done we would heal in one day. I would think in order to repair the relationship there will be much therapy in order.

While I blame Casey solely for the death of Caylee, I do not blame her solely for her ability to lie or her ability to believe she does not need to be held accountable for it. She is a perfect example of not being taught cause and effect. Every action has a consequence and sadly Casey was allowed to be excused by Cindy time and again. A child who is pregnant and makes the decision that she wants to abort or put the baby up for adoption is telling you she is not ready for this responsibility nor is she wanting it. To be forced to have the child and raise it by an overbearing mother is just a recipe for hostility, resentment and friction. Nothing was ever going to be right unless her mother did it, she was never going to be the mother Cindy could to Caylee and despite it being said that she was a great mother, she did not want to be tied down day after day. While I do not excuse any of Casey’s behavior it is easy to see where it began when in connection to Caylee. Grandparents are amazing people but they are amazing because they don’t have to deal with all the things they did when they were parents. They get to be the fun people. But they work and have things to do, so they are not responsible for the day to day care and get to simply enjoy being with that child. I can see Casey resenting Cindy for refusing to allow her to have the freedom to come and go as she pleased and still stand by my opinion that Caylee was a pawn and was killed to destroy Cindy.




     We live in a world that we want those who hurt children to be punished and the verdict of not guilty makes us question our justice system. However, we do not get the luxury of agreeing with our justice system when it works for us. Those of us who are saddened by the verdict do not have the right to take the law into our own hands and cause harm to Casey  Anthony. If someone attacks her they are no better than she . They still committed a crime even though they feel they were seeking justice for Caylee. There are many ways to turn that into a positive thing and get justice for Caylee. There are many organizations that seek support in many ways for the good of children who are and have been victimized in this world. If an entire country put that negative energy into positive energy, that would gain some justice for this little girl.



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     Today will be the 21st day of  the trial that will decide if Casey Anthony lives or dies. As my fellow bloggers know, I have not written near as much as I used to due to some medical issues, but I haven’t missed a thing during my absence.

    The first day of opening statements by the State were mostly what I had expected. A play by play of every day Casey had been “looking” for her child. The description of poor little Caylees remains when found to this day brings tears to my eyes. When the State was finished, all 31 days had been accounted for, every lie had been exposed, and as far as I am concerned, at that point the trial could have been over and the sentencing phase could have begun. However we have this “innocent until proven guilty thing going on in our country and so the defense must have their turn.

     For three years we have heard Jose Baez say that we will all understand once this case went to trial. The 31 days would be explained & every question would be answered. As the trial drew near we all heard that in the first minutes of the trial we would not only understand everything but find out that Casey was truly innocent.

     I expected everyone in the family to be thrown under the bus. What I didn’t expect was to hear Jose Baez say that Caylee died in the swimming pool on June 16th and immediately tie George Anthony to the reason Casey could act normal for 31 days.

     My problem with that theory is this:

  •  If in fact George Anthony molested Casey from the time she was eight years old, was the one who found Caylee in the swimming pool, and was the one who instructed Casey to leave, then why was she on the jail house tapes (when alone with her father at the visit) telling him he had “been” {shows past tense} the best father and grandfather?

  • While Baez stated that George Anthony said “LOOK WHAT YOU DID! YOUR MOTHER WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS!”  What he didn’t explain was what George said and did following that statement. He alluded to alot of things such as trying to connect Kronk and George, or the fact that Casey could lie so well because she had learned to do so early on by disgustingly describing an 8 year old little girl with her fathers penis in her mouth before going to school.

  • The biggest issue now is: The only people who are involved in the claims of sexual abuse and the drowning are George and Casey. Therefore, Casey will need to take the stand in order to make her story even halfway believable to the jury. (After both grandparents testimony I would have a hard time believing her story)



  • I found his testimony to be unscripted and credible. Prior to him taking the stand I was so disappointed to see him change his way and become a supporter and make excuses for Casey.

  • I commend him for being able to even be composed after sitting in that court room hearing Jose Baez say he was a child molester.

  • I hurt for him when he was cross examined by Baez, yet cheered for him when he wouldnt allow him to mis construe his words.



  • This was the woman I wanted to see for the past three years. She was a Grandmother first and foremost who even three years later grieves for her grand daughter.

  • The most telling part of her testimony to me was when she was asked when did she stop looking for Zenaida (Nanny) and she replied six weeks ago. I only wish they could have elaborated on that and ask why?  I wonder if six weeks ago was when she realized that Casey was not only going to accuse her entire family of being a part of this and that Casey was pure evil.

As anyone who has read my previous blogs knows, I was not a fan of Cindy and even believed that she should at some point be charged with onstruction. However, during this trial I see a Grandmother who lost her grand daughter and a mother who may not only face losing her daughter also, but had to come to the realization that: THE DAUGHTER SHE RAISED WAS AND IS NOT WHO SHE BELIEVED HER TO BE. THAT SHE MOST LIKELY FEELS SO MUCH GUILT FOR NOT HAVING CAYLEE DROPPED AT HER JOB THAT DAY (althought I don’t believe that would have mattered, maybe just bought another day or two in Caylee’s life) THAT SHE SEES IN HINDSIGHT NOW THAT HER DAUGHTER WASN’T THE MOTHER SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS AND PROBABLY REGRETS EVERY MOMENT SHE STOOD UP FOR HER THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE INVESTIGATION.


  • I found Lee to be very much the same person he has been all along. He didn’t waiver from any previous statements he made nor did he seem to worry that his sister needed his protection.

  • I have said many times that I was not a fan of his and wondered why he “checked out” when he at first seemed to be the one that was going to get the answers.

  • I didn’t find anything during his testimony to be shocking or anything that has not been released prior to the trial.


  • This is probably the first time I have seen her for any length of time. I think she seemed quite genuine.

  • When she was asked what the relationship between Casey and Caylee was and broke down as she said “Amazing”, I truly felt for her. This poor girl hadn’t been part of this family for long before this all happened. Having recently had a child herself, I can only  imagine that as a mother she, like all of us normal mothers out there, cannot begin to comprehend how anyone can do this to a child.

 The impact that the family’s testimony will have on the jurors I believe could be just as important as the scientific evidence. If I was a juror I would be more interested in reviewing every word the family said before reviewing anything else. The family (in most cases) are the people who see one another when their guard is down, when one has the best and worst moments of their lives. To me were I a juror, I would think that the shift in the family support would be something that spoke volumes.






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As the killer looked into her face, maybe her killer even saw her eyes  as the tape was applied,” prosecutor Jeff Aston said during the hearing, which ended at 11:45 a.m. “First one piece, then two, then three so no breath was possible.Could Caylee have understood what was happening to her? Did she try to resist? Could her killer see the fear in her eyes as the tape was applied? These are questions only the jurors will be able to answer in this case. One thing we do know this is this. If we have gotten to this stage, those same jurors have already decided that the face that Caylee Anthony saw in those final moments of her mother — of her life was her mother`s face. “

Casey Anthony crying in court on December 11, 2009.                                                    Casey Anthony crying in court on December 11, 2009.                                           Casey Anthony at a court hearing on October 16, 2009.                                 


Those were the chilling words that brought Casey Anthony to tears. Or did they? What I saw was seething anger as Jeff Ashton described what could have been Caylees last moments on this earth. There were no tears until Casey’s attorney whispered something to her. Then the tears (or the show) began. However if you watched closely there was body movement similar to one sobbing, there was wiping of the eyes, yet there also was Casey looking at the tissue with every dab of her eyes.

I don’t buy the sudden breakdown of Casey. Baez accused the prosecution of playing to the cameras, yet I believe that is exactly what Casey was instructed to do in that whispered moment. She was her usual disconnected self until the whisper and then had the break down.Andrea Lyons own words keep coming back to me: HUMANIZE YOUR CLIENT…  Casey is also heard saying ” Tell him to stop” with Lyons respondng “I cant, he’s almost done”. I am sure she wanted it to stop, but then I am sure she never thought she would be here. According to Richard Hornsby when asked about the comment made by Baez he responded: “Jeff Ashton was saying we don’t have anything to hide. Come and get us,”

Andrea Lyons argued that the state has no grounds to seek the death penalty and that they are doing so in an effort to obtain a more biased jury. Yet Ashton pointed out that any case in the state of Florida in which the defendant is charged with first degree murder is eligible for the death penalty. He went on to say that it is not the state who decides if the defendant will be sentenced to death but a jury and ultimately a judge. Lyons went on to argue that there is no evidence that the duct tape had anything to do with the childs murder. Really? Well I guess in all honesty can we say Caylees murder was a result of duct tape? No, but the fact that there was not one, not two but three pieces of duct tape applied to this baby’s mouth and nose shows that whoever (imo Casey) wanted to make sure that it would be impossible for the tape to be removed.  Now a while back I speculated that perhaps the tape was applied after her death in order to make it look like the child was kidnapped, but either way it is there, it is cruel and it only points to one person.

I was wondering when the words of Andrea Lyons would come back to haunt her and they did today as Ashton described what was said in her own words regarding her thoughts on a jury and judge. She did not of course defend this but how could she?  

While the motion was of course not ruled on, I do believe the state will win this one. The defense continues to try and make it as though there is a personal vendetta against Casey Anthony and should spend more time figuring out how in fact they are going to get her out of this one. With each motion filed and each hearing they attend, they look like a bunch of bumbling idiots and not the schooled lawyers I would expect to see.

(**NOTE:These links are to the main index and there are alot of videos to see there)

VIDEOS OF HEARING 12/11/2009:    http://www.wftv.com/video/21930011/index.html


VIDEO OF CASEY CRYING IN COURT:  http://www.wftv.com/video/21930011/index.html

George and Cindy Anthony were seen leaving the court room after the description given by Ashton and  according to their attorney Brad Conway they were in shock and did not expect to hear this. Have they waivered a little in their thinking though? Brad Conways statement to an  In Session reporter said alot to me:

VINNIE POLITAN, “IN SESSION”: As we sit here today, are they convinced that their daughter is not responsible for this?

BRAD CONWAY, ATTORNEY FOR GEORGE AND CINDY ANTHONY: You know, honestly, they don`t know. There are so many questions that they wanted answers to for the longest time, and they don`t know what happened. They simply don`t know.

I am sure it was not easy to sit and listen to a scenario of how their grand daughter was possibly  killed. There are other blogs that are ripping Cindy apart for being dramatic as she leaned against the wall waiting for the elevator. I didn’t see that at all. I saw her trying to escape the cameras and trying to hold it all in so as not to break down in front of them and be all over the 6oclock news. People commented on how haggard she looks. Frankly, that is just hateful and bashing her for no other reason than to bash her. So I ask you? Would you look haggard if this had been your life for the last year and a half? As I have stated I think they did alot of things wrong throuh out this entire case yet again, walk the mile and then talk to me. They had to hear some pretty awful things about their grand daughter and the daughter who is accused of murdering her.  However, we are only in the pre trial phases and I think there will be much more gruesome accounts, speculations and facts that are going to be addressed once the trial starts. Unfortunately and quite possibly fortunately I think the Anthony’s are going to have to realize that perhaps their daughter is not the person they thought she was. It will be a harsh reality and one that may take quite a toll on them. That is unless of course they continue to deny that she is incapable of doing this crime. As I continue to state I have never walked their mile and maybe they truly cannot begin to fathom any part of this horrific crime could have been committed by their own daughter. Maybe to have to realize this is something that could cause them severe mental  anguish and so it is better to continue believing in her.

VIDEO OF GEORGE AND CINDY LEAVING COURT: http://www.wftv.com/video/21930011/index.html

Jose Baez gave a short press conference after court, and was his usual self. He bit at Kathy Belich as usual and showed his complete dislike for her. At one point he told her she was living in fairyland.

How difficult it was on your client to have to sit there and listen to — how difficult was it for your client to listen to that being portrayed? Played out?

JOSE BAEZ, ATTORNEY FOR CASEY ANTHONY: It`s extremely difficult, and it would be difficult for anybody, whether it`s your child or even — even a stranger`s child. Everyone knows that the death of a child is obviously a horrible thing, and it would be difficult for anybody to listen to.

BELICH: Even if she was there when it happened?

BAEZ: I`m sorry. She wasn`t there, so you`re — again, I guess in fairyland.

He refused to answer questions about Andrea Lyons leaked video that has shown her in a very different light. Claiming that she is superior and a genious and that the other court officers are basically beneath her. Jose Baez walked off refusing to answer the question and in true Kathy fashion she didn’t let up and continued to follow them. At one point Andrea Lyons apparently elbowed her and she made reference to it on camera.

VIDEO OF BAEZ AFTER COURT: http://www.wftv.com/video/21930011/index.html

Jane Velez Mitchell covered the hearing and the aftermath surrounding it. Dr. Dale Archer is a psychiatrist that has no affiliation with Casey Anthony, yet had this to say regarding her sobbing in court.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Dr. Dale Archer, you`re the psychiatrist. Casey Anthony has made many, many court appearances. Why burst into hysterical sobs and shudders at this hearing?

DR. DALE ARCHER, PSYCHIATRIST: Well, first of all, we`re looking at an anniversary reaction, because it was one year ago today, and oftentimes an anniversary can bring the emotions back very fresh.

But to me, from looking at this, I think this is a case of a guilty conscious, I really do. And I think it is hitting home to her right now what has happened and what she has done, and is just — she is just distraught about that.

I think that this was one of the more emotional hearings thus far as it brought more than evidence. Today the court was actually introduced to Caylee Anthony, the little 2 year old girl who is what this trial is supposed to be about. Ashtons words were chilling and if you didn’t get emotional listening to them then you are stronger than I am. For over a year now we have wanted Caylee to be the focus of this trial and with all the evidence, reports,testimony and so on, not once did I feel like Caylee was being brought front and center. Until today…

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     For over a year now the defense attorney for Casey Anthony has stood by her story of a Nanny taking Caylee. Through the arrests, searches, murder indictment and every ridiculous motion the one thing that remained unchanged was that Zenaida Fernadez Gonzales is who took Caylee Marie Anthony and that is who should pay for this crime. Unfortunately the Zenaida that was accused happened to be the wrong one and therefore the Anthonys and the defense have hired their own people to find her.

    In a new strategy it appears as though it is not a Nanny who took Caylee it is a meter reader. WHAT? According to a woman who volunteered for TES;  Joy Wray, she claims to have video footage that will prove that Caylees body was not in that area and that TES did in fact search that area. Based on this new information the defense has changed their strategy apparently. Roy Kronk is now being accused of killing Caylee and putting her in the woods. The defense is digging up all the dirt they can on Kronk and have even filed a motion implicating him in Caylees murder.

      Even though I have not been a huge fan of Leonard Padilla I have to admit that he called this one early on. Although he has repeatedly tried to speculate that there is a connection between Kronk and Casey Anthony, nothing has been proven. However, perhaps Leonard Padilla is respnsible for planting this new idea in theminds of the defense attorneys? In February Roy Kronks lawyer sent a letter to Padilla threatening to sue him as he was telling any media outlet who would listen that Roy Kronk was involved in this.

     I know the defense team hired someone to dig up anything they could on Roy Kronk and he succeeded. They have even found a connection to duct tape and Kronk. According to one of Kronks ex wives Jill Keerley: He had a saying about duct tape. This of course would make him the murderer! I often say things about duct tape while trying to get my husband to fix something. I say that if he doesnt fix it he is going to come home and I will duct tape it. So… does this mean I could have committed the crime?

     Now of course the defense has found that Kronk obviously is some sort of pedophile based on the words of an ex girlfriends daughter who claims that he sometimes walked in when she was putiing on her clothes. I am never one to dismiss the words of a child when it comes to a possible pedophile, however, if this is the only link to him possibly being attracted to little girls then they better dig deeper.

     Remember the saying: HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE THAT OF A WOMAN SCORNED?  Well who better to interview and destroy someones character than the ex? While we may not know the circumstances surrounding the break ups, what I would like to know is: Can you show me five people who were not romantically connected to Kronk that will say this is his character?

     The words spoken by his son stating that Kronk told him he was going to be on tv, while it bothers me that he could have possibly been looking for his fifteen minutes of fame just like the other cast of characters in this wild scenario, that doesn’t implicate him as a murderer.

     The defense lawyersagree that all of this latest supposed evidence is circumstantial, yet they claim he is just as much a suspect as Casey based on the evidence. I feel that once again this is nothing but a game and a way to place doubt in them inds of potential jurors. Roy Kronk has endured absolute hell by trying to do the right thing. I admit that at first when it came about I too speculated if he could be connected to this. However, if this case is teaching anything to the public about the decision to do the right thing, it is showing them that perhaps it is better to walk away and say nothing or you too will be drug through the media.

     This still leads me back to WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NANNY? Now that they are so sure that Kronk is involved are we supposed to forget that they are searching everyday for this supposed Nanny who is not the Nanny that they are currently being sued by yet the leads they have are solid and it will all come out at trial? If the defenses latest motions did anything to convince me of anything it would be that they are grasping now at anything possible. They backed themselves into a corner long ago with this entire Nanny scenario and now expect people to believe that they found the real killer? No, the real killer is now and has been sitting in Orange County Jail for over a year… Right where she should be.



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     Brad Conway, the attorney for George and Cindy Anthony sat down with reporters to give a press conference based on what has recently been released by the Sate.


I guess my first thought on this would be: WHY? Brad Conway is the attorney for the parents , not for Casey Anthony. Why is he sitting down and disecting the documents one by one? If he is in fact only representing the Anthony Grandparents, he has no business going on tv to discredit or give credit to anyone involved in the criminal trial. The Anthony’s continue to cry out that their daughter is already prosecuted and the case is being tried in the media. Yet, isn’t that what the are doing? AGAIN? Jose Baez of course cannot go on and give a press conference as he continues to accuse the State of leaks, yet if he instructs Conway to do the press conference then I guess it is okay?

* One of the most telling statements had nothing to do at all with the documents but one that I find amusing. Brad Conway was commenting onthe attorneys involved in this case and stated: (slightly out of context) “THE STATES ATTORNEY’S OFFICE HAS EXCELLENT ATTORNEYS, AND THE DEFENSE TEAM HAS (PAUSE) A A VERY  GOOD TEAM. ” hmm does Conway even question their ability?

     There were some moments during the video that caught my attention. When asked about the claim that Brad Conaway has made regarding a foreign hair that could not be identified from the car he adamantly stated that yes there was a hair that was not identified as Caylee or Caseys. Now my understanding of that report was that it was identified but not enough to say which one it was. When pressed further about this Conway backed off, saying he didn’t have the paper so he couldn’t comment on it.

     Of course the duct tape issue came up and he is stating that the reports are saying they are not alike at all when the earlier report  said they were. According to Bill Schaeffer, the duct tape that was found on Caylee would have broken down in the elements and therefore the argument that they are not the same is mute.

     A reporter asked Conway about the emails exchanged between Cindy and Dominic in which it appears that she is trying desperately to dig up dirt on Kronk. The reporter asked if she was emnarrassed that those documents were released. He gave an answer of when there is an active investigation going on you investigate everyone. Not really a good answer but I didn’t really expect them to say that yes Cindy was so embarrassed that these are out. Another interesting little piece of info was that the search continues for Zenaida Gonzales in Puerto Rico, and that when an reporter asked if they are interfering with the State or proper authorities investigation, Conway answered that he didn’t know if they are investigating anything.

There are good questions raised all throughout the press conference and although I am sure this was done to put speculation in peoples minds, I feel no different than I did before this. ISNT THIS POTENTIAL JURY TAINTING?

     Bill Schaeffer commented on the Anthony’s claims that the new document does nothing.http://www.wftv.com/video/21160739/index.html


     As it has come to be expected the Defense Team files new motions today. The first one being to Toss the Capital Murder Charge against Casey along with the aggrivated child abuse charge.  In doing so it would also toss the death penalty. In the motion the defense claims that there is no evidence that Caylee was harmed in any way: SHES DEAD, YES THERE IS, AND I FOR ONE DO NOT BELIEVE THE DEFENSE HAS SHOWN THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.  They also claim that she was proven to be a good and caring mother: LET’S REFER BACK TO THE COMPUTER MAN AND HIS ACCOUNT, THAT IS JUST ONE PERSON…


     The second motion is of course one to preclude the death penalty. In the reasons cited the defense claims that the prosecution harbors bad faith motives against the defendant. ( AGAIN EVERYONE IS OUT TO PIN THIS ON CASEY RIGHT) They also cite that the prosecution does not have enough to  have a Capital Murder charge.

     The fourth reason given states that the prosecution cannot prove that Miss Anthony committed capital murder because the defendant stood in a familial or custodial authority over the victim. ( OH I THINK THEY CAN…)

    The defense also claims that even if they are able to prove that Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering Caylee they cannot impose the death penalty because they cannot say “how” she died . ( WELL I GUESS IF CASEY WOULD HAVE BEEN STRAIGHT FORWARD AND SHE COULD HAVE BEEN FOUND EARLIER THEN IT COULD BE PROVEN BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT THAT CASEY DIDN’T DO IT)


     Did I miss something after the last motion was filed? Did the judge rule on the motion to dismiss all charges against her? If not then why are they filing these motions without the other being heard? I am not sure so if you have any information on that I would greatly appreciate it.


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     There were over a 1000 documents released today including numerous emails between Cindy Anthony and Dominic Casey, lab results, interviews, tips and so on. While I of course cannot post the entire 1000+pages , I will post links and give my thoughts as to what stood out and grabbed my attention.

*THE FIRST 100 PAGES: http://www.clickorlando.com/download/2009/0929/21146565.pdf

  *Page 2:    An email that was sent to Lee Anthony from a Cindy in Texas listing all the reasons that she believes that Casey and Cindy are telling the truth about Zenaida G. I was amazed at how this woman was able to “twist” the circumstances to make them bend in Casey’s favor. The most outlandish statement of the email was one where she refers to the “flurry” of phone calls that we are all aware Casey made on the 17th. Now we all have our own thoughts on what these seemingly desperate attempts to contact Cindy or George were but this one is by far the most amusing:                                                                                               ****It seems as though this woman believes that the flurry of phone calls on the 17th was Casey desperate to find a sitter and when she was unable to reach anyone she “settled” for this Zenaida to watch her.

  *Page 5:        Dominic Casey was interested in Lee Anthony doing an internship with him.  I was unable to find out if there was ever an agreement or if Lee ever did in fact begin working with him.

*Page19:    In an email to Lee Dominc asks him to check into Will and refers to a visit on 7/29/08. If I am reading this correctly it appears that he asked Casey who Will was and his response to Lee was : ” Obvious answer, a friend! Interesting” Sounds like Mr. Casey was already a little fed up with Ms. Casey 🙂  The conversation continues on page 20 with Lee answering Dominic’s question about finding out who Brittney is as Will spoke about her in his blog. Lee’s answer was: ” I sure know who Brittney sounds like to me ” I wonder what that meant. He listed a link to the myspace page he referred to and although I have not gone back to check I am sure it is one we have seen before as these are conversations from September of 2008. I also found it amusing that the people Dominic refers to as the  ” Index of Players” (ex: Nate, Will, Ricardo) are accused of seeking their 5 minutes of fame… Hmmm, “Hi Pot have you met Kettle?”

*Page 29:  This is a picture of the Zenaida that Dominic has located and has asked Cindy to see if they are able to get it to Casey for a positive ID. Now I don’t know about anyone elses thoughts but this woman is a little too hot to be a Nanny and furthermore it looks like a picture from a professional photographer. Just thinking aloud…

PAGE 34:    HUMBLES BLOG HAS MADE IT INTO THE EVIDENCE.  Apparently they do read on the internet as Cindy forwarded Humbles post about Michelle Bart to her. They are claiming that Humble was posing as Michelle Bart… We all know that was not the case. The post referred to was the one where Humble posed questions to Michelle Bart. Now I have to ask her to refresh my memory but I am not sure if she answered them or another poster. Either way, is this helping find Caylee??

Another few little interesting tidbits from these first pages:

  • On pg 46 Cindy sends an email to D. Casey asking if the media and States Attorney Office can be introuble for leaking the grand jury hearing about Casey. ( Now I think we all know where the leaks come from)
  • page 48 it seems as though they are really tring to discredit Kronk
  • The remaining are all leads, people they are looking into and on more than occasion Cindy does seem to be focusing on Jesse and Ricardo, although individually.

THE NEXT 100 PAGES: http://www.clickorlando.com/download/2009/0929/21146581.pdf

     Alot of the same kind of emails between Cindy and Dominic. They definately do not like Richard Grund. Also some  other interesting pages:

  • Pages 13-17 are Dominic Casey’s list of people to be cautious of for the memorial service. Surprisingly Leonard Padilla is on there. More humorusly is Nancy Grace. Wow these people really do think they are above all.
  • Page 18 is an email in which Dominic tells Cindy that he found out Jessica D’onfrio is having an affair with a detective. Good PI work, definately helping to bring Caylee home.
  • Pages 27 and 28 are filled with coorespondance from a Deborah Millikan in which she claims she has very priviledged information of how Zenaida Gonzales is scamming. She also asks to not reveal her identity as she is acting in the utmost confidence. Hmm… wonder how that went.

The emails continue along with searches for Zenaida Gonzales.

THE NEXT 65 PAGES: http://www.clickorlando.com/download/2009/0929/21146692.pdf

This is a continuation with searches for Zenaida Gonzales in numerous states and there is also a letter from Dominic Casey to Jose Baez terminating their agreement.

SEVEN PAGES OF INFORMATION ON THE DUCT TAPE: THE BRAND, SALES AND SO ON. http://www.clickorlando.com/download/2009/0929/21146648.pdf

ANNIE DOWNING INTERVIEW WITH LE: http://www.clickorlando.com/download/2009/0929/21146722.pdf

     I know I have read some of this before but do not believe I have done so in its enitrety. She has seemed credible to me from the beginning, and appears to be heartbroken at the relaization that her best friend was someone she did not know at all. I thin she was truly shocked to hear that Casey was making her out to be some sort of a dealer for Xanax and believe her when she says she never gave her any pills. She doesn’t like Jesse yet her reasoning is the way he approached her in the days following the realization that Caylee was missing.

She speaks of the Anthony’s acting as though they believed the house was bugged and Casey’s statement about I have so much to tell you when this is all over.

I do believe that although she didn’t have alot of information about Caylee’s disappearance her testimony will be valuable. She confirmed Casey lying about working to go out and Cindy calling to basically say come home and take care of your daughter, Casey was with her the day Cindy called and found out about the credit card charges, although at the time she believed that Cindy was mad that Casey didn’t register for school.

She is a good witness as to the turmoil in the home, the character of Casey (ie: “we all knew she lied all the time”),and I believe her statement about if Casey did this she didn’t do it alone, she was not that smart. speaks volumes.

INTERVIEW WITH JAMES THOMPSON: http://www.clickorlando.com/download/2009/0929/21146711.pdf

     This is very interesting to me. James Thompson owns a computer store that Casey visited with Caylee. He took notice of Casey immediately as she was attractive. He claims Caylee was well behaved and shy and that he was horrified when he gave her a beanie baby for being so good. He said that he could not believe the reaction from Casey, it was one of jealousy. He also saw them the next day at the store and felt sorry for Caylee as she was walking through the parking lot ten feet behind Casey and had to open the door by heself as Casey was walking far ahead of her.

     This is something of importance also: Casey asked to write a check for a new monitor and when he said he couldn’t take checks she said she would have to come back. Hmm… 

LETTER FROM FBI STATING STAINS IN TRUNK RESEMBLE A CHILD::http://www.wftv.com/pdf/21151220/detail.html

DNA PATERNITY TEST FOR JESSE GRUND: http://www.wftv.com/pdf/21147427/detail.html

DNA RESULTS TO POSITIVELY IDENTIFY CAYLEE’S REMAINS : http://www.clickorlando.com/download/2009/0929/21146853.pdf

LAB RESULTS: TEST RESULTS: http://www.clickorlando.com/download/2009/0929/21147154.pdf




LIST OF THINGS FOUND AT CRIME SCENE: http://www.clickorlando.com/download/2009/0929/21146920.pdf



     I am not any different than anyone else who has been captured by this case since the beginning. I am filled with emotion for a little girl I never knew. Is that because it seems as though nobody else cared about her once the investigation came full circle and on paper she went from a missing child to a murdered child? I don’t know what it is that exactly drew me to this case as there are hundreds of children who go missing daily, and while I always pray for their safe return, Caylee’s case has been one who never leaves my mind for long.

     After reading through all of these documents, I am still amazed at the family dynamics. There is no one throughout this entire thing who took George and Cindy and shook them and said “YOU HAVE TO FACE THE FACT THAT YOUR GRAND DAUGHTER IS NO LONGER HERE BECAUSE HER MOTHER KILLED HER!” As I have seen evidence many times that they do in fact read everything on the internet, at some point would you not weigh the facts, evidence, and most importantly the common sense that is out there? How do you condemn those who have read it all, can see clearly from the outside and want nothing more than a little girl to finally be at peace?Yet are so quick to embrace those who give ridiculous visions and claims of where she is? I can only imagine that we would all like to believe that quite possibly every piece of evidence is wrong were we walking this mile, yet at some point reality has to set in and common sense has to take over. Just like Annie Downing had to realize that the friend she thought she knew was not a friend at all and incapable of being a friend, George and Cindy have to realize that Casey is not the good daughter, loving mother and care taker they thought she was.

To read the items that were collected at the scene was so sad. How do you take a child that you created, and throw her amongst broken beer bottles, trash, and make it someones elses job to sort through it all? How do you say “this is a great place for me to put her to rest?” How as a mother do you find the capability to remove yourself from feeling anything for a little one who counts on you to show her the way?

     I don’t care one bit about the duct tape being destroyed, as far as I am concerned there is a whole lot more that the defense should worry about. The account of the computer store man was enough for me. I can just see Casey walking through the parking lot as if she had not a care in the world and leaving Caylee to fend for herself. That’s the Casey I think we have all come to see throughout this.







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 It’s been a few weeks since I have been able to post as my computer went down. As usual in the Casey Anthony case a few weeks makes a big difference. They have been busy filing many motions as usual and while I know they have a job to do, and I try my hardest to have an open mind, I can’t help but think they are grasping with every motion they file. Perhaps it is because I believe Baez is too inexperienced and lacks the professionalism to go up against the State in a case of this magnitude. Maybe it is because I have a hard time giving Casey Anthony the benefit of the doubt even though our justice system says we have to. Or quite possibly it is because I want to see justice for a little girl who was unable to defend herself and who will never know the wonder and amazement of this thing called life…

      The defense team for Casey Anthony is busy as usual filing motions. This one is the best yet IMO. It appears as though the defense feels that they have grounds to ask that the case be dismissed due to the lawyers and their experts not being able to examine the crime scene prior to the investigators and Crime Scene Experts removing evidence.

“The motion asserts that the state tampered with Caylee’s remains and the wooded area where she was found, before the defense could bring in its own experts.” ( Examiner)

     Now as I have stated many times before I am not a legal expert nor do I have any background in law. Here is what I do have: COMMON SENSE… I cannot imagine that Strickland will even entertain granting this  motion  as there are some pretty important points that possibly the defense hasn’t thought of:

  •  Though it was collectively agreed upon that yes the remains were those of Caylee Anthony, they had yet to be positively identified through DNA. Therefore, the defense had no right whatsoever to be invited into that crime scene. What if by some slim chance it wasn’t Caylee?
  • How exactly were the CSI experts supposed to examine the evidence without disturbing the topsoil and vegetation?
  • The defense feels that they knew the remains were Caylee’s due to them seeking the search warrant at the Anthony home. Well perhaps even without identification the fact that her mother wrapped her in her own blanket and that blanket happened to match the set at the Anthony home in a prior search that was enough for the warrant?

     In the motion the defense basically calls the State liars and says that they misrepresented to the court that the remains were unknown when they were already aware of the identification. They state that without being able to examine the crime scene prior to sifting through it Miss Anthony was unable to gather evidence… Well I would say that this is whining. I am in awe as to how the defense believes that they had any grounds to go in and search. Or perhaps if I take their wording literally Miss Anthony should have been allowed to go into the crime scene and gather evidence herself? (jk)

     Is it the States fault that they were unable to release the crime scene and that it took longer to process than first expected? NO IT IS CASEY ANTHONY’S FAULT THAT IT TOOK SO LONG.  Perhaps, (let’s just say for grins) Miss Anthony should have thought this entire scenario through before dumping her body there. Perhaps she should have realized that there are animals in the woods that maybe would have found this bag? Or perhaps that is what she was counting on and that didn’t go so well for her.

     From the day Casey Anthony was arrested, her lawyer and parents have argued that she is being victimized by the OCSD. This is really a childish excuse. The OCSD has more to do than look for innocent citizens to pin crimes on. Quite possibly they became tired of Casey Anthony’s antics and are skilled enough in homocide to know when someone is lying. Perhaps they weren’t swayed by Casey batting her eyes, laughing and thinking she’s a star… What if they really are police men and women who are seeking justice for a baby that couldn’t defend herself against this monster, that had her poor little body dumped like garbage, that had to be put back together like a puzzle just to give her a name. Casey Anthony is not now nor has she ever been a victim, Caylee is the victim and although the defense has a job to do, as far as I am concerned the States job is much more important…

Here is a link to read the entire motion to dismiss all charges against Casey Anthony: http://www.examiner.com/x-1168-Crime-Examiner~y2009m9d18-Read-defense-motion-requesting-dismissal-of-murder-charges-against-Casey-Anthony

    A motion to change venue was filed. I am not from Florida so therefore I have no idea where the places mentioned are in proximity to Orlando. However, I am interested to know how many people there are in Florida that have never heard of this case? I live in Michigan and am a hairstylist. I come across many people in one weeks time, and there is not one here who hasn’t heard of Casey Anthony. Marinade Dave is better equipped to answer these questions as he knows Florida in and out. A few of the reasons the defense gives for requesting the change of venue caught my eye and as usual provoked thoughts…

  • “Members of the Orlando community have a strong sense of personal attachment to this case, as envinced by the thousands of people who participated in searches, attended her memorial service and otherwise expressed special concern for the child.
  • The Orlando community is hostile to Miss Anthony. Scores of protesters have demonstrated against Miss Anthony and her family , and online comments and media reports indicate the community believes Miss Anthony desrves to be executed.
  • Internet publications have been particularly inflammatory in this case. Internet publications often fail to adhere to journalism ethics and standards.  

Now to me it appears that the defense is basing most of their argument on the media and internet coverage. Last time I checked the internet is world wide and therefore by stating that the internet publications show that she cannot get a fair trial is to say that she cannot get a fair trial anywhere… I agree so let’s squash that motion! 🙂

     The Orlando community is not the only community hostile towards Casey Anthony. I would like the defense to know that at least in Michigan we are hostile towards Miss Anthony also… AND yes they do believe that she should be executed, as do thousands of other communities.

Here is a link to read the entire motion: http://wwww.examiner.com/x-1168-Crime-Examiner~y2009m9d18-Casey-Anthony-case-Read-defenses-motion-for-change-of-venue

     The next motion is one in which the defense is asking that all visits between Casey Anthony and her attorney not be subject to video taping. This is a normal practice in the jail and does not include audio. So, why is Jose Baez requesting special treatment? What is he worried about? Perhaps he is doing something wrong during these visits, like allowing Casey to use the laptop to maybe connect with her family? Or maybe she is reading all the stories posted about her online and feeding her ego of being a celebrity? I guess I don’t understand why if there is no audio there is a problem? Here is the link to the motion: http://www.examiner.com/x-1168-Crime-Examiner~y2009m9d18-Read-defense-motion-asking-court-to-bar-jail-from-taping-attorney-visits-with-Casey-Anthony

   The next motion filed is one in where the defense is asking that all videotapes of visits between Casey and her family be destroyed. Apparently her mental health is at stake and she is unable to have the comfort of support from her family that she needs because the videos are released to the media. CITIZENKIM WAS NAMED IN THE MOTION! WHOO HOO WAY TO GO! I KNEW THEY READ THE BLOGS!

I am not sure what I think about this, I am not sure who has the authority here as I don’t know what the protocol is for keeping these tapes. Here is the link: http://www.examiner.com/x-1168-Crime-Examiner~y2009m9d18-Casey-Anthony-case-Read-defense-motion-directing-jail-to-destroy-videos-of-family-visits

    I don’t know how Strickland will rule on these motions but I hope that the dismissal motion will be the one that he gives a reprimand for. It is full of nothing but accusations from the defense. I hope at somepoint Strickland grows tired of hearing all of this from the defense and tells them to stop wasting the courts time.

     Casey Anthony will have to prove her innocence and I am not sure that she will be able to do that. It isn’t about the media trying the case, it is about Casey Anthony’s decision to rid herself of her responsibilities and not thinking any further than the moment. While I don’t believe that her parents are conciously trying to hide anything, I think they are still so desperate to believe that the child that they brought into this world could not be capable of this crime and therefore they react poorly to situations.

     Whatever the outcome of this case, whether be that Casey Anthony is put to death or walks free, it doesn’t change the fact that Caylee Anthony was murdered and disposed of in a cruel and horrible manner. That is what Casey ANthony will be faced with on her judgement day…

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